5 Signs Your Small Business in Australia Needs Management Software

By Doggo Dowgson

Friendship Director

When a small business in Australia is fighting for survival and growth, saving/losing time equates to profitability/loss, success/failure.

If you are a small business owner or manager trying to balance resource efficiency with growth, you may have considered cutting down on the workforce to save money.

However, with fewer resources, you can also become understaffed, which will again hamper growth, so you end up in a vicious cycle.
However, there is a plan B if you need to cut costs and boost growth.

Consider investing in efficient Small Business Project Management software instead of hiring (or firing) more people.

In every aspect of a company’s operations, project management plays an integral role. Companies can grow, add more clients, and expand their market footprint when it’s handled effectively. With time, managing multiple moving parts becomes increasingly difficult as the business grows.

With growth and change comes challenges, and project management software can help!

In order to help you decide whether it is time to consider workflow solutions in your organization, we have compiled a list of signs that might raise a red flag.

5 Signs That It Is Time To Implement a Small Business Management Software

The following symptoms may indicate your organization needs one:

1. You have standardized manual processes

The processes you have are clearly defined and performing well, but they take up too much of your employees’ time and focus that could be used elsewhere.

So, if most of your time is invested in manually tracking the workflows, you should place your bet on the best business process management software available in Australia.

2. There Are Too Many Forms, Slips, And Other Paper Documents Involved

In addition to being inefficient, paper-based processes create chaos.

It is easy to visualize how difficult and expensive it is to manage such volumes of paper; how often they are misplaced, data is smudged, and other damage results.

You can get rid of such paper-based documents and go completely paperless while maintaining the efficiency of your processes.

With efficient business project management software, like MeMate, by your side, you can keep all your company documents in one place and access them anytime, anywhere.

3. Everything seems to be in a state of flux

As soon as someone submits a request, it becomes invisible. While they know they sent it, they need to follow up with more emails or phone calls in order to find out where it is in the process.

Now, this simple request is wasting valuable time that could be spent on higher-value work.

Unless you’re dealing with the process yourself, no one really knows how it’s going.

As a result, supervisors might not notice bottlenecks or underperformers on their team if they are focused on keeping things flowing efficiently and looking at service levels.

Automating a workflow not only streamlines the process but also helps identify ways to make it better.

In this way, the process itself becomes tangible and measurable. Reports and timely status updates can identify gaps and be used to correct them, provided you have small business project management software in place.

4. Incapable of embracing remote work

It is rather common for small businesses to facilitate the formation of remote teams on a temporary basis.

Managing remote teams can be tedious and frustrating, though, if you don’t adjust your workflow to accommodate the lack of face-to-face interactions.

Business Process automation allows you to implement intelligent workflows, communicate seamlessly, share documents, and see your team’s progress from any location.

5 Your Team is working in a Silos

Since the beginning of time, Excel sheets have been synonymous with Project Management tools, and this remains true even today for many organizations.

For maintaining lists, an Excel spreadsheet is a good option, but it does not match the operational speed and needs of highly mobile and digital workers.

Moreover, they do not provide some of the relevant aspects of project management, such as task and time management, as well as the sharing of real-time data and feedback.

Most companies also struggle with siloed business units and processes constrained by them.

Furthermore, modern teams dislike managing multiple tools for every single activity. As a result, valuable productivity time is lost maintaining those tools rather than generating revenue.

When your teams, processes, and tools work in silos, this calls for an all-in-one business project management solution, like MeMate!

Complete all in one Solution - MeMate

Here’s what MeMate offers as an efficient all-in-one Small Business Management Software

The Bottom Line

If you could relate to any of the aforementioned situations, it’s time for you to invest in business project management software.

You can easily streamline and success-proof your business operations by implementing the right solution.

For small businesses in Australia, it is imperative that they choose a solution built by keeping the needs of a small business in mind, for instance, MeMate!

To find out what makes it an ideal small business management solution, schedule a demo today!


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