The future of Business Process Management Software Solutions

By Doggo Dowgson

Friendship Director

When IT departments used to be traditionally siloed and process-driven, they do not have the speed and ability to adapt to new digital business models.

The business management system emerges as a paladin at that point!

An efficient business management system is the key to ensuring your business processes are managed in a successful manner, irrespective of the industry you deal with.

For decades, organizations have been actively managing risks and continually improving their performance using management systems to create value and reach their objectives.

Companies rely on such systems to manage issues related to quality, occupational health and safety, the environment, and social and ethical issues.

However, since business processes have evolved, the workforce has tripled, and technological advancements are demanding businesses to adapt, it is obvious that business management systems have to keep up with all the changes taking place.

Future of Business Process Management Systems

How do you envision management systems ten years from now?

Keeping up with the global megatrends will require organizations to undergo transformations.

What changes will be made to management systems in order to support these new business processes and operations? It is imperative that organizations understand the impact of these megatrends and that business as usual is no longer an option.

Let’s start by examining the changing role of business management systems in organizations.

Organizations are moving away from their physical boundaries and incorporating society as a whole into their value chain.

It is no longer just a tool available to organizations; future management systems are now integral to their culture, supporting their values and goals. Despite being invisible, they form a vital part of any organization.

During the design and formulation of management systems, extensive engagement will take place with stakeholders including consumers, employees, shareholders, the environment, and society as a whole.

The leadership of the organization and employee engagement are of paramount importance, as they facilitate the efficient use of management systems that are appropriate for the chosen organizational structure.

For an organization to be sustainable, it must demonstrate that it is creating shared value for relevant stakeholders.

For management systems to be integrated and comprehensive, they need to look beyond their current boundaries, including technology, products, product designs, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and service.

Various business processes across the value chain can affect the end product and society, as stakeholders are aware. Business process management software solutions must therefore include the value chain in order to ensure sustainable processes throughout the entire chain.

How about technology? What impact will it have on management systems?

As technology advances, management systems will become real-time communication tools. Large amounts of data must be collected, processed, and analyzed in management systems.

It is important to keep in constant contact with stakeholders, suppliers, and other parties in order to achieve this. Using technology innovation within a cloud computing model, this large amount of data can be managed to prevent it from becoming overwhelming by using background analysis to support front-end dashboards and other management information systems.

Two Major Takeaways!

  • Business management software will become a next-generation platform for business processes.

In the past few years, case management has evolved from BMS to support more dynamic, flexible processes, and to provide a variety of technology for storing and organizing information.

We expect BMS to continue to evolve in this direction, adding even more capabilities to support dynamic and collaborative work, including analytics, business process, collaboration, content management, customer experience, social and other emerging categories of software.

This next-generation platform will be easy to deploy for process teams and other smaller advocacy groups with its cloud functionality and full mobile support, like the one offered by MeMate! MeMate offers a mobile application so you can manage your business processes on the go!

  • With the new process platform, BMS solutions partners will develop dynamic, collaborative out-of-the-box business applications.

The learning curve to get systems operational has been a significant obstacle to BMS adoption. There are times when the products are too complex, and other times when the end users lack technology or process expertise.

A BMS software vendor or their services partners could develop and sell thousands of repeatable processes as Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products, helping to close the gap between process and technical knowledge. Due to the fact that these processes are applicable to every industry and every business function, solution partners have quite a few opportunities.

BMS software will grow at a rapid rate due to this trend.

How MeMate Prepares you to be on top of Business Management System Trends?

MeMate is designed for forward-looking industry leaders who wish to leverage the benefits of a Business Management System while staying abreast of technological advancements. One testament to its readiness to stay ahead of the curve is its mobile application. After all, mobile applications are all the rage today and in the coming few years, almost all BMSs would have one!

This is just one example of how MeMate can future-proof your business management initiatives. We are here to help you stay on top of BMS trends, schedule a call with us to learn how MeMate can help you.


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