1. You authorise MEMATE ENTERPRISE PTY LIMITED (ABN 49 654 081 482) as agent for MeMate to debit your nominated account when any amounts you owe us under MeMate’s Subscription Agreement become payable (including but not limited to your Subscription
    Fee and fees related).
  2. We will advise you at least 14 days in advanceofany changes to the Direct Debit arrangements.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient cleared funds are available in your nominated debiting account or there is sufficient available credit on your nominated credit card account (as applicable) when the payments are due to be drawn.
  4. We do not take any responsibility for fees or charges incurred on your account as a result of overdrawn funds or any other charges incurred as a result of Direct Debit arrangements.
  5. You acknowledge that if any debit is returned or dishonoured we will charge you a Dishonoured Payment fee as set out in the Pricing Guide. If there are insufficient cleared funds or available credit in your account when the payments are to be drawn, you will arrange for the Direct Debit to be made by another method or arrange for sufficient cleared funds to be in your account by an agreed time so that we can process the Direct Debit payment.
  6. If your Direct Debit payment fails for any reason whatsoever, we may attempt to re-draw the amount you owe us on a later date.
  7. If the due date for payment falls on a non-working day or a public holiday, the payment will be processed on the next working day. If you are uncertain as to when a debit will be processed, you will enquire directly with your financial institution or credit card issuer.
  8. Your records and account details will be kept pursuant to MeMates’s Privacy Policy which is available at You accept that it may be necessary for MeMate to give information to your financial institution or credit card issuer in connection with a claim by you that your account has been incorrectly or wrongly debited.
  9. You may change your nominated account, defer payment by direct debit, stop any particular debit or cancel your direct debit authority by providing MeMate with at least 14 days notice before the next scheduled debit drawing by writing to 9 89-97 Jones St Ultimo NSW 2007 . You may also contact your financial institution at any time to stop any particular debit or cancel your direct debit authority. However if you defer or cancel your debit authority, or stop a particular debit, you will need to ensure you make arrangements with Foxtel for payment in another way.
  10. We may cancel this Direct Debit Service Request Agreement at any time by notice to you.
  11. It is your responsibility to check your account statement to verify the amounts debited from your account are correct.
  12. You should contact MeMate on if you want to query, or you have a complaint regarding, the amount or timing of our drawings on your account. You may also contact your financial institution or card issuer.
  13. It is your responsibility to confirm with your financial institution that your nominated debiting account (if applicable) can accept direct debit through the Stripe.