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How a Digital Agency Benefitted From MeMate

By Doggo Dowgson

Friendship Director

MeMate has proven to be a great companion for theAD, a small digital agency offering a wide range of services, including web design, campaign development, commercial photography, and more.

This full-service agency employs several specialists, each an expert in their given field. With a mix of remote and office workers and the variety of orders that the agency receives weekly, distributing and tracking the workload was not easy.

That is until theAD started using MeMate.

Our software allows theAD to streamline project management and eliminate misunderstandings about pay.

The agency can now easily create and send out job orders with descriptions, payment amount, and payment type (i.e., fixed, hourly, etc.) to each specialist. These orders function as contracts that the agency’s employees can accept with the click of a button, with management receiving the updates live.

Through MeMate’s time-tracker feature, theAD’s management can track the progress of a project across all employees assigned to it and resolve problems fast.

And through the in-built chat, the agency’s specialists can easily and quickly communicate with their managers.

theAD can also track payments made by clients and sent to employees, getting an accurate view of their income, expenses, and profit margins across all projects and clients.

In short, both theAD and its clients enjoy a faster turnaround, transparent pay, and accurate pricing

Keep your workforce up-to-date on upcoming shifts. Schedule and manage shift times, breaks, and payroll in real-time, all from one place.

By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Get a subcontractor on the job in just a few clicks. Organise subcontractors into skillset pools, create a job order, and send it out. No long phone calls, no emails, no hassle.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
See ALL of your business’ financials live in one easy-to-read chart. Stay updated on the costs of your marketing overhead, materials, labour, and more. Create more detailed budget plans and know your profitability.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Keep your team on track. Send out interactive to-do lists and create custom automated notifications. Monitor every employee’s progress across all ongoing projects in real-time and resolve issues without delay.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Access all your important documents in one place. MeMate automatically stores project information and keeps a record of all quotes and invoices.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Avoid miscommunication and unnecessary meetings. Send out clear job orders with all relevant information and payment details and connect with your team through the in-built chat.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director

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