How can MeMate support your remote productivity?

By Doggo Dowgson

Friendship Director

In light of the COVID-19 situation, working from home has become the norm, forcing millions of professionals to remain indoors while still carrying out their jobs.

Despite the fact that social isolation is thought to be the most effective preventive measure, strong collaborations are required to ensure effective performance, and workflow processes are essential in facilitating this orchestration.

Various vendors, team members, and managers must all provide input for each project, and managers must also approve it.

Similar steps apply to teams in human resources, finance, IT operations, sales & marketing, and procurement.

Delivering high-quality output on time and in accordance with the organization’s objectives is challenging without strong coordination among various stakeholders.

Automated workflow techniques can help in this effort and turn a clear disadvantage into a sizable strength.

During this pandemic, many of the fundamental capabilities of MeMate, a workflow process management software, are brought to the fore.

The software is designed to be collaborative right out of the box, so every feature that is created and deployed in it is routed automatically based on rules from beginning to end, without any help.

MeMate might end up being the go-to productivity tool that professionals require to produce their best work while working from home as employees and organizations grow accustomed to this new normal.

Six significant ways that MeMate supports WFH staff

1) Notifications sent automatically

It is unnecessary to wait for a manager or employee to respond to a request that has likely already been fulfilled.

People may take their time responding when working from home for a variety of reasons.

Following the completion of the task, automated emails and notifications will keep everyone informed.

2) Helps to bring the group together.

In order to ensure effective employee engagement and increased productivity, the workflow templates that have already been created are created in a way that brings the team together.

Each team member will be able to see the development through various status updates and comments.

3) Easy to reassign or delegate

In a WFH situation, often people end up with unforeseen circumstances at home. Instead of getting a process delayed, it is easy to simply reassign the workflow to an active employee.

This is a helpful addition that managers will appreciate so that the actual project is not adversely affected by the lockdown situation.

4) Work together from a distance.

Managing multiple devices while viewing a document or reviewing a leave request while working remotely can be challenging. Since all information is in the cloud and workflows run seamlessly across devices, all these tasks can be completed without a hitch with MeMate.

5) Keep informed to save time.

In order to succeed when working from home, professionals must maintain a high level of discipline and work ethic. It is easy to lose track of and miss various updates sent via email when the entire family is at home. The MeMate workflow request status tool makes it easy to keep track of your workflow requests. By using cloud workflow process management software, you don’t need to dig through e-mail messages to get the information you need.

The MeMate platform is designed to create a hub for working professionals in the cloud.

With a majority of the population now working remotely, workflow process management software like MeMate is more important than ever. Software that is easy to use and affordable makes it easy to implement, even for those who are new to computers.

Businesses must be prepared and use the right tools to ensure business continuity and performance in the coming months and years as working from home becomes more common.

Want to get started with MeMate? Let us know how we can help!


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