How it works

Business process example

Application Worker

Desktop Admin

Calculate a Quote

Calculate quotes based on the cost of sales and/or hourly rate. Or, create your own templates for products and services.

  • Calculate the quote
  • Send it to your customer


The complete project management solution with all the necessary information for you and your manager to keep track of all ongoing projects.

  • Schedule the project
  • Assign employees/subcontractors
  • Assign materials and related expenses
  • Track profitability in real time


See real-time reports of your company’s performance.

  • Overall performance of your company
  • Departmental performance
  • Overall company history


Create a supplier list for your company and outline your guidelines and products/services. Keep all of your suppliers’ information in one place.

Input New
Customer Request

MeMate Business Manager can create a new customer and a new customer request in 4 simple steps:

  • Select where the customer came from
  • Fill out a brief (if requested)
  • Create a new customer and add contacts
  • Describe the request

Manager See that the job is accepted and belong to particular Subcontractor/ employee

Quotation Approval


Create a project invoice in one click

  • Store the details
  • Track your invoices
  • Set automatic reminders


Keep track of your bills and all project-related expenses. Assign all project cost details to the timeframe and see your project’s profitability in real-time.

Company Database

MeMate is your solution to a digital company database. It stores all business activity including previous requests, communications, data, and performance. You can find all stored information at any time and export it any way you like.

Create a solid, streamlined business
management process that you can control
at any time.