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  • September 25, 2023

      New Updates to Our Software & Pricing! 

      We're excited to unveil a revamped approach to our software presentation, set to launch in December 2023. Begin with our foundational service at just $29.80 + GST. Need more? Enhance your experience by adding specialized plugins for a small fee.

      Why this change?

    • Flexibility: Start with essentials, add as you grow.
    • Affordability: A powerful base at a pocket-friendly price, expand as needed.
    • User-Centricity: Tailored solutions, driven by your feedback. 
  • April 28, 2023

    Here are our latest updates:

      We have made significant enhancements to the Order History tab, which now includes all the necessary changes to the order, such as when the quote was accepted, when the invoice was raised, and how we received the payments. We also display all status changes, and you can now send emails directly to customers from MeMate, enabling you to provide quick updates and notifications with just two clicks.

      This feature is particularly useful for companies with repetitive work, where custom email templates can be created and customers can be notified about the progress of their order within two clicks. It is an extremely helpful feature and represents one more step towards the ultimate business management application.

  • November 10, 2022

    Here are our latest updates:

      MeMate dashboard got a new Statistics page where you can see all your metrics on one screen.

      Order history for each client with an easy-to-use summary like the average order amount, order frequency and much more. Expense history for each supplier for quick analytics where the money can be saved.

      We also add the Time Tracker feature for your employees or contractors. It will allow them to manually count the time they work on a particular order. It will work great in addition to Fixed and Hourly payments for projects already implemented in MeMate.

      As always, we are adding more features and trying to keep it simple and user-friendly to ensure you can run your business in the best possible way with MeMate.

  • June 14, 2022

    MeMate + Xero

      Happy to announce that MeMate is now compatible with Xero. From today you can transfer all Your Invoices and Expenses with one Click into your Xero account.

  • April 19, 2022

      Update for MeMate desktop functionality 

    • New design for Organisation profile 
    • Multi Language ability
    • New Feature - Timezones for each Organisation 
    • Now Companies can create Job templates. It allows to reduce the time for standard work performed by the contractors/employees.
  • April 02 2022

    We all welcome you to the Official launch of MeMate™ - The business beta version.
    If you are willing to participate in tests and take a part in development, we are more than welcome to have you on board.

      In the latest version :

    • Expenses can be assigned to Monthly or Yearly periods
    • Integration with Stripe, payment notifications are now instant and invoices are automatically marked as paid
    • Logo icons implemented for suppliers
    • Templates for quick Workflow
    • History for every project from Creation: from acceptance of the Quote, Creation to payment of the Invoice. Help to see all project history in one window.
    • Notes to Share on every Ongoing Project
    • Now you can see the real-time gross profit for every each project in the Order section
    • Ability to customise the T&C for mobile applications as well as your outgoing Quotes and Invoices

    • And much more..

    Contact our Friendship manager if you want MeMate™ to be implemented in your Business, on this Stage, there are ZERO set-up costs.

    MeMate™- We change how the small and medium business operates

  • November 9, 2021

    Desktop Application

    We're in the process of testing the desktop application of MeMate Business Manager to weed out any remaining bugs.

  • October 5, 2021

    Mobile Applications

    All workers using MeMate’s mobile app can now add and update their bank details in their profiles. These details include Account Name, BSB, and Account Number.

    Workers can now see or download their PDF invoices from the Bonus screen. The status of these invoices will update automatically when the payment has been made.