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Time Tracking: The Project Management Need MeMate is Ready to Meet

By Doggo Dowgson

Friendship Director

Quickly and accurately tracking time is crucial to the success of any project.

As we wanted MeMate to be a comprehensive project management solution, we made sure to implement time tracking capabilities; ones that even go a little beyond the competition. How?

With a progress tracker.

What is it?

MeMate’s progress tracker is a desktop feature connected to the time trackers in its mobile apps. In the mobile app, your workers can click start on a project to automatically start the timer. The timer, in turn, feeds back to a window in the desktop application where you, as the manager, see their progress on that project.

In the window, you’ll see real-time updates, not only on that worker’s progress but also on the progress of all other workers assigned to that project. And you can do the same across all projects.

What are the benefits?

We are sure you already have some idea of how this feature can benefit your business in the long run. But to put it more concretely, you can:

  • Make sure your employees and subcontractors are compensated fairly for their time on the job
  • Provide more accurate quotes, making for happier customers
  • See which projects are on track to meet a deadline and which aren’t
  • Improve accuracy of project and task time estimations
  • Take action before an issue becomes a problem. For example, if one team member finished their workload and another is having trouble completing theirs on time, you know to step in and assign the former to help the latter.

At the end of the day, time tracking is vital. And adopting project management software with the best time tracking solution on the market ensures that your business gets the best outcome.

Keep your workforce up-to-date on upcoming shifts. Schedule and manage shift times, breaks, and payroll in real-time, all from one place.

By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Get a subcontractor on the job in just a few clicks. Organise subcontractors into skillset pools, create a job order, and send it out. No long phone calls, no emails, no hassle.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
See ALL of your business’ financials live in one easy-to-read chart. Stay updated on the costs of your marketing overhead, materials, labour, and more. Create more detailed budget plans and know your profitability.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Keep your team on track. Send out interactive to-do lists and create custom automated notifications. Monitor every employee’s progress across all ongoing projects in real-time and resolve issues without delay.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Access all your important documents in one place. MeMate automatically stores project information and keeps a record of all quotes and invoices.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director
Avoid miscommunication and unnecessary meetings. Send out clear job orders with all relevant information and payment details and connect with your team through the in-built chat.
By Doggo Dowgson, Friendship Director

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