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The Application made by businesses, for businesses

MeMate was created to help businesses big or small manage their workers and projects with confidence.

Lost in paperwork?

Store all your company documents in one place, where they can be accessed with the click of a button.

Constantly behind schedule?

Send out interactive to-do lists and automate push notifications and reminders to prevent project delay.

Need a more efficient way to resolve workforce issues?

Avoid miscommunication between you and your workforce through detailed and transparent job orders and a direct chat feature.

Easily track, approve, and send any documentation, contracts, and invoices your workers need before commencing a job.

Not sure how much to pay your workers?

Easily track and compare job orders, hours, and bonuses for completed jobs.

Have all the information you need in just one application, and access it all in one click.

Easily track shifts, budgets, contracts, and much, much more.

Want your team to work harder and be rewarded for it?

With transparent payment information in job orders and a unique bonus system, MeMate provides stability and predictability.

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