Why SMEs Should make Workflow Automation the focal Point in 2023

By Doggo Dowgson

Friendship Director

Time is of the essence. Saving or losing time is the difference between success and failure for small businesses competing for growth.

In order to save money as you grow, a small business owner or manager may have considered cutting employees. Having fewer resources can also result in being understaffed, so it becomes a vicious cycle.

If If you’re looking for a way to cut costs and fuel growth, there’s a plan C. Use small business Workflow Process Management Software to automate some of your tasks and processes instead of hiring (or firing) more employees.

It is possible to speed up operations, reduce labour costs, and increase profits (in just a few days).

Automation of small business workflows reduces costs and facilitates seamless collaboration among remote teams and workers. The unexpected may require your employees to work from home temporarily, even if they currently work in-house. By automating these processes, this transition will be easier and employee dissatisfaction and decreased productivity will be prevented.

Here are some small business workflow tasks you can automate with Workflow Process Management Software and the benefits of workflow automation.

The Growth-Boosting Benefits of Automation for Small Businesses

1. Lower Overhead Costs

A business that does not automate tasks spends more on labour costs to hire employees who do busy work without producing much. The automation of tasks will allow you to reduce your workload, which in turn will reduce your labour requirements. Profits will also increase and overhead costs will be reduced.

2. More Time for Innovation

You can now focus more on innovation and the tasks that will directly impact your business’ growth, such as conceptualizing new offerings, talking to customers, and getting feedback.

3. Enable Remote Work

Even on a temporary basis, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to facilitate remote teams. It can be tedious and frustrating to manage remote teams if you don’t adjust your workflow to accommodate the lack of face-to-face contact. Your team and business processes are fully visible when you automate the processes, which allows for intelligent workflows, seamless communication, and document sharing.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

Is your organization chasing down people (and paperwork) to get approvals? Have you been wondering where that important document is or when that task that will change your business is due?

Small businesses can’t afford to waste money on poor productivity. Workflow automation allows you to keep your employees informed at all times about the status of their workflows. No emails, chasing or frustration is required.

Reporting and analytics can help you identify bottlenecks quickly and eliminate them.

Request a demo to know how MeMate makes it happen!

5. Happy Employees

Typical small business workflows such as vacation approvals, employee onboarding, and travel reimbursement can take a toll on an employee’s productivity, happiness, and morale. Furthermore, forms can easily get lost on desks, in wastebaskets, or buried in email threads.

Using automation, it is possible to route a simple request automatically to the appropriate parties for approval.

Dynamic forms can also be built to autofill fields with information from a SQL database or prevent employees from entering incorrect information. With automation, employees’ needs can be addressed quickly, without unnecessary communication and manual labour.

Five Tasks for Workflow Automation in Small Businesses

Which tasks should you automate with Workflow Process Management Software?

Put your attention on repetitive tasks (those that get stuck in processing) that require collaboration, approvals, and routing among different people and departments.

The paperless era is over. In order to increase productivity and profits, small businesses can automate the following workflows.

1. Onboarding of new employees

Simplicity, simplicity, and more simplicity. Your new employees and you will spend a lot of time onboarding them. The importance of attracting and retaining top talent is critical to your future growth and success.

Communication back-and-forth, slow approvals, rerouting documents, fixing errors, and digging through paper piles and emails can all slow down the onboarding process.

The automation process eliminates tedious tasks and paper trails and keeps everything moving smoothly and rapidly. Almost all of it takes place without any face-to-face interaction, so much of the onboarding process can be completed before the new employee even starts working.

2. Procurement Management

Automation allows procurement management to run smoothly with fast approvals and hands-off processing. Streamline the approval process by automatically routing forms to the appropriate teams (no walking, calling or emailing required), and send orders to vendors with ease.

In addition, stakeholders can keep up to date without asking other personnel about the status of the process.

Automation is essential to streamline the procurement process (even for small businesses) because it is so resource-intensive. Manage vendors, purchase requisitions, and purchase orders electronically.

3. Invoice Management

Most businesses have to deal with invoices, whether they are generated by clients or vendors. If you fail to manage your invoices properly, you may stall important processes and damage the reputation of your business.

As well as reducing form errors, automation streamlines the workflow with templates, quick approvals and payments, reminder notifications, and minimal coordination between departments and employees. Your invoices will be sent on time, automatically.

Want to see Workflow Process Management Software in action? Talk to us!


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